The Eternal Lost Boy

Ryoga Hibiki is a hopeless romantic with no sense of direction or humor. He is the super strong arch rival of Ranma, and his primary goal in life is to destroy Ranma. The rivalry began back when they were younger. The two went to an all boy school, and they would duke it out during lunch over who would eat what type of food. Most of the time, Ranma won. One day, Ryoga challenged Ranma to a fight. Ranma was to meet Ryoga in a vacant lot after school. Ranma waited there for four days, but Ryoga never showed up. It turns out that Ryoga got lost trying to find the battle site- and the vacant lot was right behind his own house!! Ryoga finally showed up on the fifth day, and he was pissed because Ranma wasn't there. That was the beginning of the hatred. Later, Ryoga learned that Ranma and his father were going to train at Jusenkyo for a little while. Ryoga decided to follow them. Somehow or another Ryoga was standing on a cliff which was directly over a spring- and right in Ranma and Genma's way. Ryoga tried to move but he couldn.t and Ranma accidentally pushed Ryoga off the cliff- and right into the spring, which transformed him into a little black pig. Genma saved the pig and gave him to the caretaker of Jusenkyo, who planned to eat him. The caretaker dropped Ryoga into a wok of boiling water, which transformed him back into a man.

Later Ryoga decided to hunt Ranma down again, and traveled all around Japan to find Furinkan high school where Ranma attended classes. Weeks later, Ryoga finally finds the school and begins to fight with Ranma- and got lost again while running after him. Needless to say, it took Ryoga weeks to find Furinkan High again. Ryoga enrolled at Furinkan, and the two fight constantly. After enrolling at Furinkan, Ryoga finds another reason to hate Ranma- Ryoga falls in love with Akane Tendo, Ranma's new Fiance.

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